About Us

Imperial Valley Transit is a fixed route public bus service. IVT was created in 1989 and began operations as a 5 route system with 3 buses running Monday through Friday. The passenger ridership averaged approximately 3,000 passengers a month. Today, the service has 12 routes and over 20 buses in operation. The passenger ridership averages approximately 55,000 passengers a month.

Routes are categorized in the following manner. For further and more detailed information please refer to the map and schedule information.

Fixed Routes

Fixed routes operate over a set pattern of travel and with a published schedule. The fixed route provides a low cost, reliable, accessible and comfortable way to travel.

Deviated Fixed Route

In several service areas, IVT operates on a deviated fixed route basis so that persons with disabilities and limited mobility are able to travel on the bus. Passengers must call and request this service the day before service is desired in the communities of Seeley, Ocotillo and the East side of the Salton Sea

Remote Zone Routes

Remote zone route operate once a week. These routes are "lifeline" in nature in that they provide connections from some of the more distant communities in the Imperial County area.

The transit service is operated as a turnkey operation by Transdev. The service is administrated and funded by the Imperial County Transportation Commission (ICTC). The Commission members represent each City, the County and the Imperial Irrigation District. Funding is provided annually through the Commission adopted Overall Work Program Budget and Finance Plan. The source of the funding includes but is not limited to federal FTA 5307, 5311and 5317 funds, State Transportation Development Act (TDA) including Local Transportation (LTF) and State Transit Assistance (STA), and local fare revenue.