Zones, One Way Fare
Local $1.00
Local (Senior/Disabled/Medicare Cardholder) $0.50
20 Local Passes $16.00
20 Local Passes (Senior/Disabled/Medicare Cardholder) $10.00
Regional $1.25
Regional (Senior/Disabled/Medicare Cardholder) $0.60
20 Regional Passes $20.00
20 Regional Passes (Senior/Disabled/Medicare Cardholder) $12.00
IVC Express (Students) $1.25
IVC Express (Non-Students) $1.75
20 IVC Express Passes (Students) $25.00
Direct $2.50
Fast Trip $2.25

ADA Paratransit

Persons with Disabilities are priced at half fare. Disabled/Medicare fare applies with a valid Medicare Card or IVT ACCESS eligibility letter.

Seniors 60 years of age and older are priced at half fare. Senior fare applies to those aged 60 and over with valid CA Identification Card, a valid Driver's License or Medicare Card.

Zones, One Way Fare
Local $2.00
Regional $2.50