Reasonable Modification

ICTC ADA Requests for Reasonable Modification

ICTC is committed to providing safe, reliable and accessible transportation services for person in the Imperial Valley. To ensure equality and fairness, Imperial Valley Transit (IVT), IVT Access and IVT RIDE are committed to making reasonable modifications to its policies, practices and procedures to avoid discrimination and ensure programs and services are accessible to persons with disabilities.

Advance Request

You may make an advance request in person, by fax or email at the administration offices of ICTC. Please contact the ADA Certification Coordinator at:

    Imperial County Transportation Commission
    1503 N Imperial Ave, Ste 104
    El Centro, Ca. 92243

Your advance request must include:

  1. Your contact information: name, address, phone number, email, IVT Access ID number (if certified), IVT Ride ID number (if certified)

  2. What change or modification you would like to use in order to use one of our transit services

  3. An explanation of why the modification is needed in order to use one of our transit services

ICTC will respond as soon as is practical but typically within ten (10) calendar days. Additional information may be required to process your request.

On the Spot Request

There may be cases where an advance request is impractical or not anticipated. You may make an on the spot request by asking the driver or other operations personnel for consideration. A response will be made at the time of your request. The driver or other operations personnel will make a decision based on the information available to them at that time, and in the best interest of the safety and health of everyone.

Basis for Denials

Please note a request for reasonable modification will not be considered or may be denied if it would:

  1. Fundamentally alter ICTC’s services or programs

  2. Fundamentally alter IVT’s, IVT Access’ or IVT RIDE’s services

  3. Create a direct threat to the health or safety of others

  4. It is determined that the applicant is able to fully use the service or program without the requested modification to the IVT, IVT Access or IVT RIDE services

  5. Cause an undue financial or administrative burden

If ICTC determines a request for reasonable accommodation will be denied, ICTC will communicate the basis for the decision in writing to the individual requesting the modification. The explanation for the denial will state:

  1. The specific reason(s) for the denial;

  2. Any alternative accommodation if available that may create the same access to transit services as requested by the individual;

  3. The opportunity to file an appeal relative to ICTC’s decision on the request.