How To Ride

Plan Your Trip

The system map and bus schedules are available to download and print. For additional information, call the Dispatch Office at 760-482-2900 and a friendly bi-lingual customer service representative will assist you in planning your trip, and answer questions you may have regarding riding the bus.

Wait For The Bus

It is best to be at the bus stop a few minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. Check the bus stop schedule to be sure that the bus serves the stop and that it is traveling in the direction you want to go.

As the bus approaches, wave to the Driver. This helps to give the Driver enough time to stop safely and avoid passing you.

Board The Bus

Before getting on the bus, verify the route number by checking the sign on the front or side of the bus. Let passengers get off the bus before you board.

To make boarding easier, every IVT is equipped with lifts or ramps for people who have trouble climbing stairs or use a wheelchair.

Pay Your Fare

Please have your exact fare ready before boarding the bus. Operators do not make change. For passenger convenience, a Multi Ride Pass can be purchased from the transit office or at select City Halls and at Imperial Valley College.

Take A Seat

The seats nearest the driver are designated for seniors or the disabled. If you choose to sit in these seats and are not a senior or disabled be prepared to move if needed. For your safety, always remain seated or hold onto the poles when the bus is moving.

Get Off The Bus

Pull the yellow cord above the window or push the vertical strip on the side of the window to signal the bus operator that you want to get off at the next bus stop. Major intersections and transfer locations are automatically announced.

Rules ensure safety and comfort for all passengers and the bus operator. Please observe the following rules when riding IVT buses or using IVT transit facilities (bus stops, transfer terminals, maintenance yard, transit centers and administrative offices):

  • No smoking on buses, inside transit facilities or within 20 feet of the opening of a window or door at transit facilities

  • No eating and drinking is permitted. Water is covered sports bottles is permitted

  • Unsealed or consumption of alcoholic beverages are not permitted on public transit vehicles under Federal law.

  • Intoxicated passengers shall be refused service.

  • Passengers are not allowed to stand in front of the white or yellow "standee" line, in doorways or step wells while the bus is in motion.

  • No unnecessary conversation or interference with bus driver for safety reasons.

  • No fighting, using vulgar or offensive language, pushing, shouting or participating in rough behavior on the bus or at transit facilities.

  • All electronic devices in use require the use of headphones. Amplified or loud music is not allowed on buses or at transit facilities.

  • No flammable, hazardous materials or weapons of kind (unless legally allowed under a concealed weapons permit or a law enforcement officer) shall be allowed on board the bus (except oxygen).

  • No large objects that cannot be held by the passenger placed under seat or out of the aisle way is allowed on board the bus.

  • No signs or advertisements may be placed on board vehicles or facilities controlled or owned by IVT. If you are interested in advertising, please visit our advertising page for more details.

  • No vandalism, defacing, destroying, damaging or placing graffiti on buses or at transit facilities.

  • No other illegal activity of any kind shall be tolerated on board buses or at transit facilities.

  • All strollers, scooters, folding carts and large packages must be stowed away under the seat.

  • Rollerblades and skates are not allowed to be worn on buses.

  • Shoes and shirts are required.

  • No littering on buses or at transit facilities.

  • No refuse (including recyclable items) on board buses.

  • The intent to evade fare payment, not paying the established fare or misuse of transfers, passes, tokens or tickets with are not allowed.

  • Never extend your body from, throw any object outside the window or door or ride on any part of the exterior of a bus.

  • Children under the age of 13 may not ride IVT buses unless accompanied by a fare paying passenger age 13 years old or older.

  • Any behavior which annoys, disturbs, injures or endangers the comfort, health, peace and safety of others properly utilizing the transit facility or riding a bus is illegal.

IVT, ICTC or Transdev reserve the right to refuse service to passengers who demonstrate disruptive and unsafe behavior or violates any of the rules and regulations presented above. Violation of rules may result in bus driver, law enforcement officer or IVT/ICTC official not permitting passenger to board the bus, imprisonment and/or a fine.