Vision, Mission and Goals

The 2011-12 Short Range Transit Plan (SRTP) was approved by the Commission in February 2012. The SRTP has been posted on the ICTC website at Included in the SRTP is the Vision, Mission Statements and the Goals for public transit services:


The Vision of Imperial County's public transit system is that the transit network provides safe, affordable and reliable transportation service that first meets the needs of the transit dependent in communities within Imperial County by providing access to healthcare, education, employment, public services, shopping and recreational facilities, and eventually allows anyone to go anywhere in the region easily and effectively.


The Mission of Imperial County's public transit system is to improve the quality of life for the residents of Imperial County through a coordinated, accessible, affordable and efficient countywide transportation system.


The following adopted goals are in effect and applicable to policy development and planning for public transit services at this time:

  • Goal I - Ensure basic mobility for the residents of Imperial County

  • Goal II - Provide effective public transit services to meet the area's transit needs

  • Goal III - Provide efficient services

Resources therefore are to be allocated in the following prioritization:

  • Accessing medical and social services

  • Higher educational facilities

  • Access to employment, basic mobility and other economic development activities

  • Transit alternatives for the general public